Acronym – Mu 5

[Ambient] [IDM]   Release : Mu | Jan.2015|  Northern Electronics | Sweden

Byetone – Opal

[IDM] Minimal / Abstract [Techno] Album : SyMeta (2011 Oct.31) Raster-Noton

Arovane – Tabl F

[IDM] EP : Cycliph 2002 Sept. DIN Records (Vinyl) 2013 Apr.02 n5MD (Digital)

Totakeke – Overlord

[Dark] [IDM] Album : Digital Exorcism (2013 Mar.19) Tympanik “Totakeke marks 10 years of noise-making with his fifth LP ‘Digital Exorcist’. Remaining true to form, Totakeke unleashes a gripping barrage of complex rhythmic noise punctuated by head-nodding, hard-nosed beats, stabbing glitch, and taut synthlines. An intricate torrent of richly-layered sounds that swell and retract, guiding…

Applescal & Ryan Davis – Creatures EP

[Ambient] [Dark] [IDM] [Techno] EP : Creatures (2013 Aug. 28) Atomnation “The Creatures project started in Amsterdam and got finished in Berlin. The project contains three different versions of one song and all versions were born out of a spontaneous session; each version can be seen as a further modulation and step in the whole…